Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists teach you to implement a permanent lifestyle change that works in real life, allows you to overcome real obstacles and uses real food.  This is not a diet or a quick weight loss gimmick.  No more wasting money on fake food and programs that don’t work.  This program is about long-term solutions to support your health and nutrition goals and end the yo-yo diet cycle forever.  

Healthy Eating Starter Program


  • 2.5-hour extensive Nutrition education class with take-home reference materials 

This class teaches important concepts of meal planning, reading food and recipe labels, food layering, food industry challenges, causes of weight gain and how to improve your metabolism, diet myths and problems with fad dieting, exercise essentials, strategies for dealing with emotional eating, cravings and trigger foods and finally, STRATEGIES FOR SUCCEEDING LONG TERM!!

  • 60 minute one on one visit with a Registered Dietitian

In this visit, we will provide an individualized plan based on your personal nutrition needs and goals.  You will receive recipe links, quick grocery store food ideas, and meal planning tools.

One-on-One 30-minute Follow-ups

$65.00 (individual) - $175.00 (package)

  • Once you have completed our starter program we offer 30-minute follow-ups.  If you would like to meet one on one with the dietitian regarding your progress we offer 30-minute follow-ups.

  • Individual Follow Up package.  If you want to continue seeing the dietitian one on one regularly we offer a package of three 30-minute follow-ups, to be attended in a 12 month period. 

Online Coaching


  • Online coaching is a tool we can use to save you the trip to our office.  We offer online coaching for food/exercise log reviews and for lab work reviews.  Call our office to schedule this service.  
  • ​​Food/Exercise Log Review:  Once scheduled you will be emailed a food/exercise log to complete and email back to our office via our contact form on this website.  You may also fax them to 443-490-5060.  

  • Lab Work Review: If you have labs that you would like our dietitians to help avoid or replenish vitamin/mineral deficiencies.  Labs may be emailed to us via our contact form or faxed to 443-490-5060.  This service must be scheduled prior to our review. 

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