The GI and Bariatric Nutrition Center

ANRP is a division of GIBNC.  If you are seeking weight-loss surgery or have had weight-loss surgery in the past please visit our GIBNC site for information on services we offer.  Services include bariatric nutrition education, getting back on track after weight-loss surgery, consultations, support groups and more. 

Strive MD

Strive MD is a subsidiary of GIBNC.  Strive focuses on the cognitive & behavioral changes necessary to help you obtain your weight loss goals and to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.  At STRIVE MD we want YOU to be able to make the healthy choices necessary to meet your goals.  

Trilogy Transformational Coaching

Trilogy Transformational Coaching is a subsidiary of GIBNC.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the awareness, knowledge, tools and community to be able to support themselves and each other in living an active, healthy lifestyle.  Learning to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle requires you to do things differently tomorrow than you did today.  Change most often occurs through new knowledge, new skills, and new habits.  

Fit2Go Personal Training

Fit2Go Personal Training is Baltimore’s leading in-home personal training service — perfect for busy working professionals, parents, and gym haters.

Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of Baltimore residents lose fat, “tone up”, get strong, and ultimately change their lives through completely customized exercise and nutrition programs.

Be Forever Fit

Long term health, wellness, strength & vitality long term requires balance as well as establishing solid lifestyle habits. Our coaching programs don’t stop at the training room door. We help you develop changes in all aspects of your life to achieve balance and wellness long term.

Spring Ridge Chiropractic

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NutraMetrix Isotonic Vitamins

Douglas Labs

Douglas Laboratories are USP regulated.
To order products call 1-800-245-4440 or 1-888-douglab
Patients fulfillment account # to order is 2165870 (give the person on the phone the account #2165870 and formula # next to the item below to order)


Can be ordered by calling: 1-800-228-1966 or going online to: Customer account # 1022490

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The Counseling Center for Change

TrueNutrition Protein Supplements

Cerebral Palsy Guidance

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