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We provide nutrition counseling for a variety of health conditions for infants and children, including weight concerns, gastrointestinal disorders, poor growth and failure to thrive, picky eating, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and altered nutrition-related lab values.   We’ll make sure you have a good understanding of your child’s nutrition requirements as well as strategies to help your child learn to eat the amount of food that’s right for her and grow up to have a healthy relationship with food and her body.

Initial Evaluation


During the first visit, our pediatric dietitian will meet with the parent or caretaker without the child.  We will discuss your child’s current eating habits, food preferences, and lifestyle as well as your nutrition concerns, family feeding practices, and mealtime dynamics.  We ask that you bring a copy of your child’s growth curves to this appointment as an assessment of growth will also be done.  Together, we will set goals and put together a plan to get you started.  We will also discuss, if and when to include your child in follow-up appointments.   

Kids over 15 years of age may be included in the initial appointment at the request of the parent or caretaker.

Follow-Up Appointments

$65.00 (for every 30-minutes)

We offer both phone and face-to-face follow-up appointments.  Improving your child’s nutrition is about making small steps that work for your child and your family and ongoing support through follow-up appointments will ensure that our plan continues to meet the needs of your child and family.

Little Eater Tune Up Phone Consultation

$65.00 (for 30 minutes)

Concerned that your little one isn't getting the nutrition he needs for growth and development?  Are you constantly coaxing, bribing and rewarding your child to eat healthy foods?  Does your child eat the same foods day in and day out?  If so, our Little Eater Tune-up is just what you need.  During this 30-minute phone consultation, we will review the basics of child nutrition so you have a good understanding of WHAT to feed your child.  We will also discuss feeding strategies that will help your little one learn to accept a variety of foods and make meal times enjoyable for everyone.  This service focuses on the WHAT and HOW of child feeding to help your child become a healthy little eater.  This phone does not include an individual nutrition assessment.  If you or your child’s pediatricians are concerned about your child’s weight, growth or development, we recommend you schedule an initial nutrition evaluation.

Online Coaching

For established patients only.


  • Online coaching is a tool we can use to save you the trip to our office.  We offer online coaching for food/exercise log reviews and for lab work reviews.  Call our office to schedule this service.  

  • ​​Food/Exercise Log Review:  Once scheduled you will be emailed a food/exercise log to complete and email back to our office via our contact form on this website.  You may also fax them to 443-490-5060.  

  • Lab Work Review: If you have labs that you would like our dietitians to help avoid or replenish vitamin/mineral deficiencies.  Labs may be emailed to us via our contact form or faxed to 443-490-5060.  This service must be scheduled prior to our review. 

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