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Need help controlling your blood glucose levels?
Interested in in-depth education on carbohydrates and carb counting?
Want to learn how to decipher food labels?

Diabetes Education Program


Our starter program includes:

  • 2-hour diabetes education class, this may be one-on-one or in a group setting, dependent on the number of persons interested in this service.  This class includes a set of digital proprietary materials emailed to you upon scheduling. 

  • 1-hour follow-up consultation with the RD providing personalized plan and reviewing your food logs and conducting a nutrition assessment. 

  • 30-minute follow-up appointment to brainstorm ways around life obstacles to create a new schedule and food plan for blood sugar control. 

Upon completion of the starter program services above, we offer many follow-up options phone, in-person, online coaching, groups, packages are available for continued care.


Diabetes Education Presentation


1.5-hour diabetes education presentation.  Learn how to manage your blood sugars through proper nutrition, lifestyle change and exercise. 

After this education presentation, we encourage you to schedule individual consultations to develop a customized individual plan.  

30-minute Follow-Up Appointments

For established patients that have completed the starter program.

$65.00 (for every 30-minutes)

We offer both phone and face to face follow-up appointments.  Follow-ups are an important part of your plan.  They help us to "tweek" your initial plan and ensure you are on track for meeting your goals. 

Online Coaching

$35.00 per assessment

Online coaching is a tool we can use to save you the trip to our office.  We offer online coaching for food/exercise log reviews and for lab work reviews.  Call our office to schedule this service.  

  • Food/Exercise Log Review:  Once scheduled you will be emailed a food/exercise log to complete and email back to our office via our contact form on this website.  You may also fax them to 443-490-5060.  

  • Lab Work Review: If you have labs that you would like our dietitians to help avoid or replenish vitamin/mineral deficiencies.  Labs may be emailed to us via our contact form or faxed to 443-490-5060.  This service must be scheduled prior to our review. 

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